Bienvenue dans l'univers d'Enilesor, découvrez une artiste aux multiples facettes ...

Art exhibitions 2012

25 06.12

In 2012, meet Enilesor

In April :

- On April 14th & 15th at the “Exposition Les Mille et une couleurs” in Hardinghen (62132) – NORTH OF FRANCE

In May :

- On May 13th & 14th at the “Exposition d’Art Manuel et d’Artisanat” in Walincourt-Selvigny (59127) – NORTH OF FRANCE

- On Sunday, May 26th at “Art & Artisanat ” in Champigny s/Marne (94) near Paris – FRANCE

In July

- On Friday, July 20th, at the “1ère Nuit des Arts” in Chablis, in the city center from 7pm to 10.30pm (89) in Burgundy – FRANCE

In August

- On Friday, August 3rd, at the “Marché nocturne des terroirs et de l’artisanat” in Chablis (89) in Burgundy – FRANCE

In October

- On Sunday, October 7th at “Mon village en Ville” in Grigny (91350) near Paris – FRANCE

In November

- On November 3rd & 4th at “Le printemps des générations” in Cheny (89) in Burgundy – FRANCE

In December

- “Christmas market” on Sens Cathedral Square (89) in Burgundy – FRANCE date to come

- “Village des Artisans” Foire Gourmande in Meaux (77) near Paris – FRANCE date to come

- “Christmas market” in Etigny (89510) in Burgundy – FRANCE date to come

- “Christmas market” in Montcresson (45700)- FRANCE date to come

- “Christmas market” in Saint Georges sur Baulche (89) in Burgundy – FRANCE date to come

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